I’ve always been passionate about all the “Farming type” Game since I was little. I personally think those are my favorites kind of games. Sadly, since 2008, I feel like they are running of original ideas. I have tried many other similar games that went out after that, but I couldn’t feel the soul in them, the classic old style Farming/Life game style.

I also feel like those games lacks of an elaborate conversing system that will diverge of the typical “The Weather is nice, isn’t it?” that is always repetitive no matter how many time you talk to a character. It’s lacks of realness.

My game is much more deeper than what I can show you in this Alpha Trailer right now.

There’s dungeons to explore, puzzle enigmas, I have 24 bachelors and bachelorettes that you will be able to courtship, with each of them having their own personalities, own quests, events and own unique designs. I have, so far, 54 characters in the game, with each over 100 Randoms generated Dialogues all exclusive to each characters. Their own behaviors, own liking, own opinions. Also, all my characters has different clothing design depending of the seasons you are in and an average of 8 different facial expressions each. (Show on the Image here, my first Bachelorette, Felicci)

I have animals that differs from the original “Farming type” games. Collectibles, loots box that generate a certain % random objects. There’s a main story where you choice affect the results and the ending, numerous quests and hidden events. The sweet thing with those kind of game is, all is up to you. You can either just play on your farm all day or go through the challenges, it doesn’t matter.

I am raising fund to be able to produce the game of my dream at full time, with the right equipment and also, to be able to set me up into the Video Game Marketing and developing world.

I am planning to do it by focusing my entire 100% time on this.

The trailer, mechanics and all needed for the Alpha were done in 4 months of time. So, I believe I can achieve everything in more or less the next year.

I am deeply Motivated and Disciplined. I swear with all my heart that I will make it worth.